City-Tech: SONORATEC! By Margarita Ardila

City-Tech: SONORATEC! By Margarita Ardila
13th November – 17th November
1pm – 5pm
Piksel Studio 207
Strandgaten 207

Email to Piksel17(at)piksel(dot)no with the subject Sonoratec!
Ages: from 4 to 14 years old.

Sonorartec is a lab where the kids learn the basics of electronic to produce sound with drawn images, toys with lights, plastic pianos, … recycling everyday materials. Building different devices which permit kids to experiment with leds, circuits, sound, graphics, creative writing, and much more.

Margarita Ardila, Colombia

Margarita Ardila is a Colombian maker, composer and sound researcher. Multidisciplinary artist coordinator and workshop of SONORARTEC LAB, laboratory oriented to the application of new media in the art, design, education. Emerging, independent and self-managed space interested in sharing and disseminating DIY and DIWO dynamics. Currently developing the project LAPIZ VOLTAJOSO activity mixing electronics and creative writing.

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