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Pia MYrvoLD #LightHackSculptures at Piksel Studio 207

Pia MYrvoLD #LightHackSculptures

Official opening
26th of May at 18:00 – 22:00
Exhibition dates: 26th of May – 24th of June
Opening hours: 15:00 18:00.-

Piksel is presenting a double program in May at Bergen. Piksel Studio 207 will host the work of the artist Pia MyrvolD, light sculptural installations made by Do-It-Yourself electronics and found material. Under the umbrella of Bergen Now, Piksel is presenting PikselSavers, a group of selected works which deal with different aspects of our digital realities, social media, Second Life, digital poetry and more, by the Piksel artists

Piksel Studio - Pia MyrvoLD

The #LightHackSculptures use of every day “over the counter” electronics as well as cast away digital gadgets that reflect the overproduction of cheap and meaningless products geared toward consumer society.

With the scribbles of electric cables, extention cords, a new kind of anti-aesetics emerge where we usually associate these materials as something we want to hide, but cannot, we surround ourself with them out of necessity.

Piksel Studio - Pia MyrvoLD
The sculptures serve as “projectors” both in terms of lighting, lamps, videos and machines that cast light and contrast shadows into the surroundings and as a metaphor, projecting a contemporary reality of global behaviour in production, consumption and electronic waste, here transformed into objects of beauty.