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Biomusic and Plant Hacking :)

28th October – 1st November
Schools – 10:00- 13:00
Independent kidZ – 15:30 -18:30
Gratis verksted for barn/unge i alderen 8-14 år
Email to piksel19(at)piksel(dot)no to book your school or your kids.

In this workshop, we will create our own experimental musical instruments using plants, recycled materials and small electronic low-voltage circuits. Through this exercise of combining the use of electronics and plans, we will understand the importance of sustainability, recycling and learn programming basics and electronics concepts in a fun and creative way.

Digital technologies are present in every aspect of our lives. In this context, it is needed that new generations are not only consumers but also producers, processors and critics. Combining technology with non-digital materials and working in a creative and participatory way, children will not only understand the structure hidden behind the everyday digital tools but also will become small active agents in the digital world.

Mónica Rikić, Spain

New media artist and creative coder from Barcelona. She focuses her practice in code, electronics and non-digital objects for creating interactive projects often framed as experimental games. Her interest lies in the social impact of technology, human-machine coexistence and the reappropriation of technological systems and devices, to manipulate and rethink them through art. From educational approaches to sociological experimentation, she proposes new ways of thinking and interacting with the digital environment that surrounds us. With her works she has participated in different festivals such Ars Electronica, Japan Media Arts Festival, FILE Festival or Sónar.