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Conductive Drawing Workshop (Interacting with drawings)

3rd – 6th November – 10-13h | 16-19h
Gratis verksted for barn/unge i alderen 8-14 år for påmelding: piksel20(at)piksel(dot)no

The workshops repeat every day. Duration of each workshop: 3 hours.

Conductive Drawing Workshop (Interacting with drawings)

Conductive Drawing is an experimental workshop combining electronics and drawing. We will investigate the conductive properties of graphite, build our own electronic circuits, and use drawing to activate and manipulate sound, light and motors.

Duration: 1day – 3 hours

Age: 8-14 years old.

Exhibition: Piksel Studio

Oda Bremnes

Oda Bremnes (b. 1994, Oslo) is an artist investigating how we respond emotionally towards technology. Her work consists of interactive video installations, sound and electronics. She experiments with ghosts as a felt presence and investigates how inanimate objects and machines could be recognised as living creatures. Bremnes recently graduated from the Master of Fine Art programme at Bergen Academy of Contemporary Art (KMD), University of Bergen.

Skade Henriksen

Skade Henriksen (Born 1988, Hammerfest, Finnmark) makes drawings, photographs, sculpture and installations. With a subtle minimalistic approach, Henriksen wants to amplify the astonishment of the spectator by creating compositions or settings that generate tranquil poetic images that leave traces and balances on the edge of recognition and alienation. Skade Henriksen has recently graduated with a MFA and currently lives and works in Bergen.

Piksel KidZ Lab is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Fund and Vestland Fylkeskommune.