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MICROmacro, a Do IT With Others Bio-ART workshop

11th – 12th -13th November – 10-13h | 16-19h
Gratis verksted for barn/unge i alderen 10-18 år for påmelding: piksel20(at)piksel(dot)no

The workshops repeat every day. Duration of each workshop: 3 hours.

MICROmacro, a Do IT With Others Bio-ART workshop

The microscope is a crucial instrument in biology, since microscopy was invented that has made it possible for human eyes to take a look at the micro world and its complexity.

MICROmacro invites kids to an active and participative experience that merges art, electronics and nature. Using our imagination and creativity and learning about electronics, lens, robotics and hacking, we will construct our own low tech interfaces that will help us to approach and explore the microscopic scale .

In this workshop kids will assemble DIY microscopes reusing laser lenses extracted from laser pointers, DVD, CD-roms, led lights and cardboard. This DIY microscope achieves up to 40 times magnification through a mobile phone camera, enough to explore the micro world around us.

Once the microscope is buit, we will focus in the discovering of surrounding life forms (cells, bacteria, protozoos, fungi, virus), structures, forms, textures. The model is open source and inexpensive facilitating to make scientific experimentation by kids at home.

Duration: 5 day – 3 hours/day
Age: 10-18 years old.
Exhibition: Bergen City

Hamilton Mestizo (CDMX, Mexico)

Hamilton Mestizo work primarily explores the interfaces of arts, science and technology and their critical, ecological, and social-culturall implications. In the last decade, Mestizo has combined his artistic practice with education and research focused on open source hardware development, DIY-DIWO culture, new media and biotechnology.

From 2007 to 2014 he had taught hypermedia in Film’s Department at Universidad Nacional de Colombia (2007), biotechnology and physical computing in Design and Architecture’s Department (2008-2012) and Art’s Department (2014) at Universidad Javeriana Bogota. Mestizo had worked at Parque Explora Medellín (2016-2017) where, with a multidisciplinary team, they designed and planned the program and activities at the “Exploratorio” (Public Experimentation Laboratory and Workshop). Moreover, Mestizo has involved with different private-public institutions developing strategies and counseling in pedagogy and education.

Mestizo has participated in several exhibitions and festivals worldwide, including: Siggraph Art Gallery (Los Angeles, 2017); GOSH – Gathering for Open Science Hardware (Santiago de Chile, 2017); Medialab-Prado (Madrid, 2016); Rural Scapes Exhibition (Brasil, 2015); Festival Internacional de la Imagen ( Manizales, 2015); Fundación Platohedro (Medellín, 2015); Centro de Cultura Digital CCD (México, 2014); ISEA sur-south – International Symposium of Electronic Arts (Sydney, 2013); Balance-Unbalance Conference (Noosa, 2013); Maker Fair London (London, 2013); Pixelache (Helsinki-Tallinn, 2013); Plataforma (Bogotá, 2012); Labsurlab ( Quito, 2012); Culturadigital (Rio De Janeiro, 2011); Deus Ex Media (Santiago, 2011); Interactivos?10:neigburhoodscience Medialab-Prado (Madrid, 2010); VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards (Spain, 2007), among others venues.

Piksel KidZ Lab is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Fund and Vestland Fylkeskommune.