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Piksel KidZ Lab 2020

at Studio 207
Gratis verksted for barn/unge i alderen 8-18 år
for påmelding: piksel20(at)piksel(dot)no
The workshops repeat every day. Duration of each workshop: 3 hours.

Piksel KidZ Lab 2020
3rd – 6th November – 10-13h / 16-19h
Conductive Drawing Workshop (Interacting with drawings)
Conductive Drawing is an experimental workshop combining electronics and drawing. We will investigate the conductive properties of graphite, build our own electronic circuits, and use drawing to activate and manipulate sound, light and motors.…/conductive-drawing-workshop…/

11th – 12th and 13h November – 10-13h / 16-19h
MICROmacro, a Do IT With Others Bio-ART workshop
MICROmacro invites kids to an active and participative experience that merges art, electronics and nature. Using our imagination and creativity and learning about electronics, lens, robotics and hacking, we will construct our own low tech interfaces that will help us to approach and explore the microscopic scale.…/micromacro-a-do-it-with…/

Piksel KidZ Lab is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Fund and Vestland Fylkeskommune