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Workshop Hotglue by Danja Vasiliev and Agnes P.

Hotglue by Danja Vasiliev and Agnes P.

Building decentralized websites using Beaker and Dat is fun – and a great, hands-on way to learn about the otherwise hidden structures and exchanges that power the web. But to do so, one – more so than ever – needs proficiency in the language of the web (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) in order to participate.

In a workshop specifically for children and other “outsiders”, a modified version of “Hotglue” is used to build decentralized sites together and interlink them.

Hotglue is a FOSS “What you see is what you get” editor for the web. Created in 2010, it currently uses files on the server it is installed to hold the users’ data. A to-be-created modified branch of “Hotglue” would instead work on top of the Dat ecosystem – forgoing the need to be running a server altogether.

Type: workshop
Length: 2-3h
Language: English
Additional considerations: max. 12 participants
Session Objective
learn how Dat & Beaker are different from your regular website
build decentralized websites using Hotglue
interlink our decentralized websites

Material and Technical Requirements
Presenter materials: Projector, WiFi
Participant materials: Laptops