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June 7th – 10-13h
Create your own show with live coding visuals. LIVE Coding!

Duration: 3 hours.
Age: 10-18 years old.
Place: Studio 207, Strandgaten 207, 5004 Bergen
To secure a spot, send us an email to piksel24(AT) with the Subject line: Piksel Kidz.
Remember to include name and age of participants!

The internet is full of open-source and free software that we can use to create exciting sound and visuals. This workshop for children aged 14ish will introduce Live coding to the kids. Live coding is an audio visual performance practice that revolves around the creation and modification of code and algorithms in real-time.

Throughout the 3 hours workshop the kids will experiment programming with very simple code sounds and visuals. The workshop intends to de-mystify technology and reveal its design decisions, limitations, and creative potential. Kids will produce a final performance all together at the end of the workshop.

In this workshop, attendees will be introduced to Hydra – a live coding environment created by Olivia Jack. Using live programming, they will have the opportunity to explore image and camera manipulation and create unique visuals. Additionally, we will discuss the various formats where video plays a crucial role, such as live concerts, art installations, and music videos.

Hydra is a web-based video synthesizer. Olivia describes live coding as writing code in real time to make visuals and/or music as part of a performance. Originally begun as a series of explorations in the browser, Hydra is now used by a large community of live coding performers who perform in clubs and other venues, as well as in online streamed performances throughout the pandemic. There are many resources for getting started with Hydra, and a number of spin-off projects including PIXELJAM, also by Olivia, which allows multiple performers to do live coding together. There are also periodic online meetups where live coders worldwide meet up to talk and show off their works created with Hydra.

Hydra is live code-able video synth and coding environment that runs directly in the browser. It is free and open-source and made for beginners and experts alike.

Hydra can be used:

  • to mix and add effects to camera feeds, screenshares, live streams, and videos
  • to create generative and audio-reactive visuals, and share them online with others
  • in combination with other javascript libraries such as P5.js, Tone.js, THREE.js, or gibber
  • to add interactive video effects to a website
  • to experiment with and learn about video feedback, fractals, and pixel operations
  • to stream video between browsers and live-jam with others online